Affordable toning services in Dungannon

Body shaping

Attractive body shaping and toning

Need to keep your body in a good shape? Opt for our body toning services at The Toning Room. We have a wide range of body toning machines including the only Maxuvibe machine in Northern Ireland.

To book an appointment or for more information on pricing, call our experts right away on 
07764 153 855 or 028 8772 3883.
Whatever your body toning needs in Dungannon, get in touch with the experts at The Toning Room on 
07764 153 855 or 
028 8772 3883.

Our range of toning treatments

Body action machines
These machines help to stimulate the muscles through vibration, thereby helping you lose weight.

Using ultrasound, Maxuvibe helps burn of excess fat to be broken down easily in the liver.

Toning tables
These diverse toning machines help tone and strengthen your body easily and effectively.
toning treatment
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